Apart from the certain mishaps surrounded by its own doings, United States dominance has certainly brought some remarkable changes to the rest of humanity. The world we are living in today is experiencing a “longer peace”, a term coined by John Lewis since 1945. There has been a phenomenal drop of war deaths between 1950 and 2010 from 500,000 to 30,000 per year. Even in certain places, traditionally the Southeast Asia, which used to be deemed as dangerous is becoming a more diverse and vibrant society. A reduction in killings and brutal armed conflicts mean that that world is becoming a civilized place to stay.

Subsequently, it is worth to mention that the world is currently experiencing a steady decline in absolute poverty. The world’s biggest democracy, India, will experience a reduction in its poverty rate when 20% of its citizens who are living in extreme poverty in 2017/2018 will have their situation improved as early as 2020. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), enacted by the UN proclaims that Africa will start to reduce its people from the extreme poverty line. Further, according to the World Bank, nearly 1.1 billion fewer people are living in extreme poverty compared to 1990.

Targeted interventions by the authorities have also resulted to lesser children dying each day. As the report stands, children dying today are 12,000 lesser than in 1990. Additionally, an improvement in the immunization has recorded a 78% drop in measles deaths. Ultimately, the world we are living in today has undeniably improved the life expectancy and the quality of life of the people.

Another gift brought from the West was the change of the social contract. Previously, the world is being governed by feudal rulers who could absolute governed without any hurdles from the public. Now, the United States has brought democratic changes to the world by imposing democracy by advocating fundamental rights to the people. This in turn, has made the ruling party today more accountable than before. Rulers of today know that they need to perform before getting ousted or kicked out. Only in certain countries, like Saudi Arabia and North Korea and a few others still yet to practice voting rights for its own people.

The West also gifted the idea of multilateralism to further foster greater understanding by creating stronger multilateral institutions to collectively discuss on matters pertaining to security, peacekeeping, and poverty. Additionally, the birth of trade-related multilateral institutions also created an interdependent world between countries. During the cold war, the US and the USSR rarely meet one another to discuss on issues. But today, we have seen in the G-20 summit, UN, East Asian Summit, the leaders of China and the US regularly to mitigate each other’s concerns.

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